Summer Road Eats

This weekend I’d typically be heading down to the southern edge of Georgia for the Dixie Champ Tour.

Last year’s summer was great. Laura and I took a road trip to Vermont for a wedding and to catch up with friends. I made it to two SCCA events: Toledo and Nationals.

Even though I’m not on the road, I am thinking about last year and how I used CurEat to keep a list of all the interesting, locally owned places I ate at on the road.

From the incredible dinner Laura and I had at Oyamel in Washington to getting off the beaten path a bit at The Frosty Mug in Mt. Vernon.

Of course, if you find yourself in Lincoln, NE, you need to check out D’Leons for lunch—or late night.

Here’s why I keep coming back to CurEat for recommendations.

Local and Independent

The CurEat crew worked their asses off to scour the internet for locally owned and operated, independent restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc. No chains allowed. Starbucks has their app with a store locator. Use that if that’s your jam.

But if you want to find an interesting local, coffee place, CurEat can do that.


CurEaters are folks with a stake in the hospitality, and other, industry. Many are chefs and restaurateurs with a brick and mortar presence in their city. What does that mean for me?

I can see if CurEat has expanded to my destination. Even if CurEat isn't officially there, CurEaters travel, make, and share lists of their favorite places across the nation.

You can also get the CurEat newsletter and get lists on things like favorite pizza joints on National Pizza Day.

Only the Good Stuff

CurEat is a positive place. People make lists of the stuff they like. If a business is listed, a person enjoyed their experience there. There are no reviews. This is directly opposed to another service that might rhyme with “kelp.” Let’s face it; those free-for-all review platforms eventually become a vomitorium for the internet.

Between, the local independent take on dining and the focus on the positive, I’m looking forward to filling in my Road Eats 2018 list.

Full disclosure, my firm built the web view for CurEat and helped with other odds and ends. The CurEat crew has not endorsed this write-up.

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