Netherlands Day 3: Waterland and Back

We had big plans today. Get up early, get some bikes, and hit the road to cycle the Waterland loop.

Most of that plan worked out well. We rented a pair of bikes within a block or two of our hotel. A quick bike ride to an even quicker ferry ride, and we were on our way.

Okay, so, the bikes. They were. . .fine. Fine for commuting. We were looking to knock out 25+ miles—which would have been doable without the headwinds and rain. Or maybe our bikes back in Raleigh. But the combination made the full loop a bit ambitious.

Rental bikes outside Durgerdam.

In Durgerdam, we met Phil Fertey — a Canadian traveling across The Netherlands on his Pennyfarthing.

We ended up shortcutting the loop and taking shelter in Ransdorp. Laura’s a fan of mint, a fan of tea, and now a fan of fresh mint tea. We’ll have renewed interest in fostering our volunteer yard mint this Spring.

Back in Amsterdam, we hit up Brouwerij‘t IJ for a quick bite and some local beers. It also marked our first windmill.

Back in Amsterdam.jpeg