Get Out and Vote

I actually prefer to vote on election day—you usually vote close to where you live. Election day is a snapshot of your neighbors that is unavailable at any other time. So, go out and vote. My friends and family in North Carolina can find their polling places via the N.C.State Board of Elections. Those polling locations should be open from 6:30 this morning until 7:30 this evening.

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October 2010 Wallpaper

Been spending a lot of time in Durham lately, so in honor of that this month's wallpaper is a shot from 2003. It's pre-renovation Baldwin Lofts. If memory serves me correctly this is now the home of Revolution. I'm not sure why I like this shot. I called it "Canvas." Maybe it's just the idea of a blank three dimensional space, waiting to become something. That and I've been feeling some film nostalgia these days. Anyhow, enjoy.

DSPRATTE MBP Calendar October

DSPRATTE MBP Calendar October

Grab the laptop friendly size about, or supersize yourself with the cinema display or the old school 4:3.