2011 April Wallpaper

As tempting as it was to use that self portrait in an April Fool's edition, I didn't. Scrambling getting stuff together for Appetite 4 Art and a bunch of other stuff. Instead, I went back to Mexico after getting this New York Times story forwarded to me from my friend JB. This photo was from some time back in San Miguel de Allende. On a workshop actually. The Times piece mirrors most of my experience in Mexico—the Yucatan on a few occasions and the one trip to San Miguel. The people there are beyond courteous and kind. Stuff like this gets me jonesing for a trip. I need to just grab the camera and wander around the new neighborhood to get a quick fix.

Anyhow. This shot was taken at the Blessing of the Horses in San Martín just outside San Miguel. I was on the way into the festival proper when I stopped to see where I've come from (something I try to do, but often forget). I saw this guy on his way in and he turned to look behind him at just the right moment.

4 DSPRATTE 2011 Small Cinema

Grab the laptop-top friendly size from the image above. Or something a bit larger for those cinema displays right here. Or old school, 4:3 ratio displays here.