Oakwood 5K

I’m lucky to have route by my house that takes me through Oakwood Cemetary. If go the right way it’s exactly 3.11 miles. Plus, I get some of it on a gravel access road—pretty sure my knees thank me for that every now and then.

I took my time and just walked it recently. Cemeteries have long been a photographic crutch of mine. It’s usually quiet and there’s enough statues to play with portrait ideas without bothering a living breathing human being.

Art Deco Car Show

Art Deco Car Show

Favorite shots from the North Carolina Museum of Art's Rolling Sculptures exhibit.


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NCMA: Porsche by Design

Last year Laura treated me to spending far too much time in the Porsche by Design exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

Since they were allowed, of course I dragged my camera with me.

I'm not sure what the final exposure count was to yield these 10, but it was up there. Turns out, I married a very patient woman.

In hindsight, I think I fell into the trap of shooting against what I was working with. Instead of working so hard to isolate the objects on display, maybe I should have worked to include the audience. It'd have yielded a very different set.

I'm goint to chalk that up to not shooting as often as I'd like and the rust that comes along with that.