December 2012 Wallpaper

And we'll close out the year with shot from last month. Right here in North Carolina, just down the road from Elk Knob State Park and down by Bridal Cove there's the remains of homestead. And by remains, it's really just three chimneys at this point. This is one of them. In the summer the foliage is so thick you can't really make out much of anything. But come winter, after the leaves fall, it gets more interesting.

DSPRATTE 2012 December Wallpaper

Click on the image above to get yourself a high resolution copy for your desktop. Enjoy.

November 2010 Wallpaper

Last year about this time of year I was in New Orleans and Biloxi. Shot this during one evening in a cemetery right off Beach Boulevard in Biloxi. Maybe it's because I'm writing this on Halloween that I got drawn to a cemetery set for this month's wallpaper. Or maybe it's because I'm heading back that direction later this month—a bit more east though for Tupelo and Memphis. Either way, enjoy.

DSPRATTE MBP Calendar November 2010

DSPRATTE MBP Calendar November 2010

Grab a MacBook Pro friendly size via the image above. Or snag an old school 4:3 version or big cinema display if that's your thing.