Oakwood 5K

I’m lucky to have route by my house that takes me through Oakwood Cemetary. If go the right way it’s exactly 3.11 miles. Plus, I get some of it on a gravel access road—pretty sure my knees thank me for that every now and then.

I took my time and just walked it recently. Cemeteries have long been a photographic crutch of mine. It’s usually quiet and there’s enough statues to play with portrait ideas without bothering a living breathing human being.

November 2010 Wallpaper

Last year about this time of year I was in New Orleans and Biloxi. Shot this during one evening in a cemetery right off Beach Boulevard in Biloxi. Maybe it's because I'm writing this on Halloween that I got drawn to a cemetery set for this month's wallpaper. Or maybe it's because I'm heading back that direction later this month—a bit more east though for Tupelo and Memphis. Either way, enjoy.

DSPRATTE MBP Calendar November 2010

DSPRATTE MBP Calendar November 2010

Grab a MacBook Pro friendly size via the image above. Or snag an old school 4:3 version or big cinema display if that's your thing.