October 2013: Valley View

Okay, so a little less late. Shot this in June while we were in Lebanon. Up above the cedars we stopped. There's off to the left and right. You can see the melt coming down in to the road.

There's no effects on this other than a little contrast, exposure and converstion to black and white with a red filter.

Anyhow, I've gotten into the Lebanon set and have managed to get them edited down pretty well. I promise not to release them one a month for the next three years. . . .

Until then, enjoy the view.

July 2013: Hamatoura

Okay. So, made it back from Lebanon. And, now I'm on the road to Arkansas for the SCCA Summer Nationals. But, of course, I've pulled together a wallpaper for July.

After three trips to Lebanon and driving past this monastery we made it up. I've got pictures from our hike up to the monastery proper—just haven't done my edits yet. But in the meantime, here's a wallpaper with the view from the road.

Usual routine, click the link below and grab a wallpaper size.

View of Hamatoura Monastery is July's wallpaper shot.

Lebanon: Day 1

Beirut from AboveIMG_3250.jpgI'm crushed with a bunch of work right now, so editing is going slow. But I figured I'd recap a bit and post a couple of quick pictures out from the first full day in Lebanon. Which, was spent in and around Beirut, Jeita and ended with dinner in Broummana. We had a driver for the day, which was a nice luxury given the traffic in town. Okay. Need to get back into some design work now.