Blue Ridge Parkway

Sunday Brunch Road Trip

Rocky Knob on the ParkwaySo a few months ago I managed to catch up with my old friend Sean. And we'd talked about catching up while he and his family were visiting his parents in Virginia. Seems like as good an excuse as any for a road trip. Destination, Chateau Morissette for the world's latest brunch.* The ride up was fun, with a scenic detour to check out Floyd, Virginia. Yes. There is a Floyd, Virginia. And they look to have quick the homegrown music scene starting to pick up there. In the course of the few minutes sitting in front of the Floyd Country Store to have a cup of coffee and borrow a WiFi connection to reroute us to the restaurant, I think we saw at least four people walking around toting guitar cases.

So, Yes. Either a burgeoning music scene or the little reported on fourth installment of the El Mariachi films. Since absolutely no one we saw looked at all like Antonio Banderas or Salma Hayek I think the safe bet is music scene.

Curiously enough, the Google took us on a beautiful, scenic gravel road to get from Floyd to Chateau Morissette. Washboard roads and SA Konis make for an entertaining drive. After brunch we did the wine tasting—which was nice if a bit rushed since we were one of the last groups to get into it.

We said our good-byes and then hit the road with a small detour to Rocky Knob and decided that we need to consider more trips to the Parkway this summer, if for no other reason than to enjoy the scenary and escape the heat.

*I have to confess, the world's latest brunch was pretty much our fault, I needed to figure out if I could ditch on a local autocross so Laura and I committed pretty late to actually making the trip.