On Filtered Water

About 18 months ago, Laura thought the water at the house tasted funny. I didn’t notice. We’d keep chilled water in a repurposed Knob Creek bottle. We could put it on the table for dinner and think we were fancy.

Did a bit of research and we ended up with a pair of Soma products. Launched on Kickstarter, the Soma filters are plant-based and for every filter sold they kick some money to charity: water.

Aside from feeling better about filtering perfectly good city water, both models have an excellent trap door at the top, so the water remains covered, but it’s not a hassle to fill.

Made from glass, the carafe and reminds me of our Chemex. Put another way: It doesn’t look like an unfortunate, plastic disaster. It sits on the kitchen counter. (Laura’s more of a room temperature water person.)

The, larger capacity, pitcher fits in the fridge door for chilled water.

Grab the filters here.

By the way, Laura was right. The water tastes better through the Soma filters. That means the coffee does too—but that's another topic altogether.

Soma Carafe