Netherlands Day 1

Left for The Netherlands on September 28. The plan was to play, explore and disconnect for a week. I’m happy to say Laura and I were largely successful.

Before it gets too stale, and to kick start posting more regularly, I’m going to quickly recap the days we spend over there and the photos I took. These are going to be rough edits. Hopefully I’ll refine a bit down the road.

Traveled with a my trusty Fuji X-Pro 1 and my new iPhone Xs. I’ve, definitely, got some thoughts on the iPhone X as a camera. But I’ll save those until get through the photoblogging project.

Our home for the week.jpeg
Our view for the week.jpeg


We flew out of RDU to Amsterdam via Detroit. Flights were uneventful, even with less than 75 minutes to our Amsterdam connection. Flying “overnight” seemed like a good plan, but the reality is I’m terrible at sleeping on a plane.

We touched down at Schiphol around 9:30 in the morning and cleared customs and so on to find ourselves jumping on a hotel shuttle before 11:00. Definitely recommend this approach as it made for a nice intro to the city since we ended up being the second to last stop.

Luxury Suites Amsterdam would be our home away from home for the week. It was a great place to stay. The hotel was in old town, but just isolated enough on its own island to be an escape to and recharge.

Given the sleep and time change status, after checking in we just went walking in a general direction of the Saturday Farmers’ Market. We found it and made some basic purchases to stock our suite’s kitchen.

Nothing like getting into the rhythm of a place by shopping for groceries with the locals.

A leisurely walk back had us just getting our bearings—and a late lunch. Some more walking Old Town, a light supper and got some much needed sleep.