back to the desk job

Desk JobOkay. Back in the RDU and I’ve got a mountain of work to get through.

But I’ve wanted to deal with the stuff I shot in Gary, Indiana earlier this week. I’ve still got a roll to get processed from the trip, but the digital stuff is whittled down to something that may not bore people to tears. For the people who care about this sort of thing, all of this was shot with a the G9, usually on a tripod. Occasionally with a remote flash.

Gary’s got a colorful history. A few ups and, lately, lots of downs. The City Methodist Church alone is the sort of place you could lose days to. Even after shooting for two days, I still would like to go back. Two days isn’t really enough time to develop a relationship with a place. To get to know it. Really be there. And eventually move away from the abstract images of the place, the remains and move towards taking portraits of the people that still call Gary their home.

I’d also like to thank Jen and Maggie for helping me out with the show last weekend. Had a great time and it’s always refreshing to see the work hanging in a space like that.