When the Metal Hits the Road

Hoosier Cord Took a break for the day, picked up the Integra Type R from its legendary lair and hit a local event with Triad Sports Car Club at the Sanford airport.

It was, by all counts, a long and hot day in the sun. But getting six shots at a 90 second course proved to be too much for the tires I showed up. After my fourth run we had cord showing and it was down hill from there. The photo above is the bottom of the hill. I should be perfectly clear about a couple of things:

1. Hoosier tires kick butt.

2. The Type R is brutal to front tires.

3. These tires had been pounded on pretty good at several, prior events.

4. Did I mention the Type R is brutal to front tires?

I took the picture on location with my G9. It's a great little camera to "have around." It usually gets tossed into my laptop bag or tucked into whatever I'm bringing with me.

Lots of design work on my plate and some writing for the Sky2x site. Busy days ahead.