October 2010 Wallpaper

Been spending a lot of time in Durham lately, so in honor of that this month's wallpaper is a shot from 2003. It's pre-renovation Baldwin Lofts. If memory serves me correctly this is now the home of Revolution. I'm not sure why I like this shot. I called it "Canvas." Maybe it's just the idea of a blank three dimensional space, waiting to become something. That and I've been feeling some film nostalgia these days. Anyhow, enjoy.

DSPRATTE MBP Calendar October

DSPRATTE MBP Calendar October

Grab the laptop friendly size about, or supersize yourself with the cinema display or the old school 4:3.

Rogers Alley

Sometime last week, I got a call from Steve at Greenfire Development, asking if I could shoehorn in a quick shoot of the residential units at the almost, actually, really close, to finished Rogers Alley complex. I managed to get over there for a couple of hours Friday morning before another meeting. Here's a sample. I'll have to edit the rest of the set and deliver the finished files to them this week. I have to say that the spaces really do kick ass. Great use of space with lots of nice natural light.