Aperture Stacks Rock

kSo, it's not ground breaking stuff here. None at all really. But some Fridays, you can't help but state the obvious: The Stacks feature in Aperture kicks ass. Really. Sure it's pretty obvious in the motorsports stuff. Knowing that I can rattle off a long sequence of shots, turn on the auto-stack feature when I import and then quickly scan the sequence for which image captures the best moment. But I've also been using it for dealing with bracketed exposures on some architectural work I've been doing. Get the timing right on import and you have all your bracketed frames from each shot, nicely organized to edit or to create into an HDR.

Maybe this'll be part of a new tradition? Obvious Fridays.

(And the photo? Yeah. That's from some work I shot while at Duke University Press for their Journals Ad Catalog.)