November 2013: Camouflaged

This month's wallpaper from the Grand Tetons. I was torn on whether to post in color or black and white, but I'm in a run of black and white images it seems. Why stumble now? (And, I think I'll finish the year on that run, so consider that a December spoiler.)

The other news is that the image was drafted for the next cover of boundary 2. And that might be my favorite rendition of the image seeing as it's printed in just two colors—a brown and metallic green.

The next issue—40:3—of boundary 2 also marks a full decade's worth of covers we've produced together.*

Which seems like a very long time indeed, but only in hindsight. Truth be told, it's flown by.

_*You could split some hairs on that since I worked on a few while I was at Duke University Press, but 10 is a nice, round number.