Caroline at Bridal Cove

A while back, on a long weekend in the mountains, for grins I took a handful of pictures of Caroline. This was ahead of her debut record Potential. Which is pretty damn awesome and if you don't have one already, you should likely go get a copy immediately.

In fact, go do that now and we can look at the pictures below when you get back.

Nicely done. Okay, so back to me, I feel like I'm still struggling with what I want to do with portraits. More on that later, I need to explain the deer.

We were shooting by the remains of this old house. And by remains, I mostly mean chimneys off the side of the road. We heard some crashing, the sort of crashing that implies something is coming toward you at a good clip. This deer appears—and she might have been as surprised to see us as we her. She passed us—less than twenty feet away—and continued right along.