last round of 30s

So I had a birthday this weekend. Fairly low-key event. Had dinner with some friends Friday night, worked on a video project, had dinner again on Saturday (we planned on going to The Pit, but they were closed for a private party, but we were lucky enough to get reservations at 18 Seaboard. 18 Seaboard is a pretty solid choice. What I’d call a good jack of all. But I still haven’t been to the The Pit I’ll have to figure out another reason to go. We went for a night cap to Big Boss for a few rounds of Bad Penny.

20081207-ncmapark-6-1And then Sunday. Got out early and Laura and I took the pooch to the NCMA’s Museum Park (which I always want to call the Art Park) where I took a few pictures.

Then a surprise round of karting with a few friends. Then a rush back to dinner with my parents. All in all and nice, weekend.

I have to say that as soon as I get the Sky2x site up. I’m revisiting this site. iWeb has it’s disadvantages and while the integration with Aperture is nice. The fact that you can really only publish from one file (which you can move from one computer to another) is a bit of a drag. It’s a little crazy to have to remember to copy over the iWeb file to your laptop. Or to be unable to post from

So I’ll be using some of Aperture’s publishing features coupled with a WordPress install starting early next year hopefully.