January 2010 Wallpaper

So inspired by David duChemin's "wallpaper as calendar plan" I'm going to crank out one every month this year. I'm sure it'll be a mix of old and new. Hopefully more new than old. See, the plan is to use this in a complicated series of carrots and sticks to make sure I pick up the camera a bit more this year. To get things going we're going to jump back into an image from the last post actually. As soon as I composed this shot, I knew it was a candidate for wallpaper.DSPRATTE January 2010 MacBook Pro

Grab a MacBook Pro friendly size (1140 x 900) by clicking on the image here. Or download the Apple Cinema display friendly size (1920 x 1200) for your less mobile computing needs.

During the lost week—between Christmas and New Year's—I'll be wrapping my head around Lightroom, only allowing myself to shoot with a prime lens and drinking Knob Creek by the fire with friends and family. Before we go, I've got an avalanche of product shots to get working through.