2011 July Wallpaper

Sorry for the delay, but I hope it was worth the wait. I was hard at work up north getting this shot for you. Okay. I was also there for a wedding. And July 3 shenanigans in Manomet. And then a bunch of work was awaiting me—actually some of it was here before I left. Anyhow, this was shot the evening of July 4—just as the sun was starting to set and the natives were preparing for round two of fireworks on the beach. I only brought the little LX5 with me. It really is a great little camera. I just need to remind my self to use it more often. The allure of the iPhone and Instagram's. . . well. . . instant gratification is strong.

I've got another handful of digging out to take care of this weekend but hope to get back into photo mode early next week and see if there's anything good

DSPRATTE July 2011 Wallpaper