2009 Blytheville Pro Solo

DS 86 Lifts a Wheel During the Super Challenge So we're back. Last weekend made the trek to Blytheville, Arkansas to run the SCCA's Pro Solo. This year, just like last, I'm co-driving with Jim Feinberg. We had fantastic weather even if it was a bit on the warm side. The car was handling perfectly both days—well, until the Super Challenge on Sunday that is. With a one two finish in class—Jim taking the win by less than 3/10s of a second, both of us were bound for the Super Challenge. Unfortunately, I was a one and done in the challenge, but the upside is that I went back to paddock, grabbed the camera and photographed a few of the runs.

Speaking of which I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to post up motorsport stuff here. Maybe if I shoot a particular race, or big event. But for the most part they'll probably end up living over on my Fotki account.