November 2012 Wallpaper

Okay, so I'm late. And, since I'm so late, I'm taking this as an opportunity to deliver what is, effectively, a remix of October. This started out by playing around with an app on my iPhone called Decim8. It's nice to see someone, anyone, offering some filters/effects that aren't steeped in the ocean of nostalgia. My only knock on the app is that it caps out at a fairly low-resolution even though I fed it a JPEG from a 45 meg negative scan. I guess I should be happy it didn't choke out on the file altogether. Speaking of resolution, I did end up tweaking this a bit in Photoshop. So if it's a bit soft in places, well. . . there you go.

If I wasn't crushed, I'd have hoped to have worked on it with Pixelmator instead. Maybe next month since I'll (hypothetically) have a couple of days of down time.

This isn't an aesthetic I'd use every time, but I see the appeal. And maybe I'm more than partial to the irony of running an image shot on film through a distinctly digital process.