2014: The End

So, there we were in Sedona on New Year's Eve. To close out 2014. Start 2015 in a new, old place. Well, it'd be dramatically different place then just the day before.

A pretty solid snowstorm would roll in and proceed to camp out. Before the 2014 was finished, the storm would dump nearly a foot of snow into Sedona. What else are you going to do, but jump in the rental Chevy Malibu and see the sites?

The pictures on this trip would be nearly entirely from the Fuji X100T a friend had loaned me. I'd been so curious about that camera since the first generation. More on that later, but I will say, for this kind of trip? It was ideal.

We drove all over Sedona that day. Using Uptown as our hub—since that's where we were staying. We covered a lot of ground actually, closing the day out by nearly overstaying our welcome down Red Rock Loop in the state park.