2011 February Wallpaper

Ah February. Here's my razor wire valentine. I hope it's appreciated. I almost went to prison to get this wallpaper for you. All both of you. Actually, that's not true. I have more than two fans. And I actually almost went to prison to get a shot for this cover I was working on. Luckily, I avoided that by discovering some fantastic, old, beat razor wire fence in downtown. You can grab a laptop/MacBook friendly sized image from the link below. Or grab a nice big cinema aspect image or an old-school 4:3 if that's more your thing.

2 DSPRATTE 2011 Small Cinema

And another thing. . . with this post I've made a category for wallpapers. If you ever want to find one, just find the wallpaper category and you can (hopefully find all of them to date.